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In Hand Bitless Bridle/ Show Slip

£57.00 GBP
100%Top Quality, Superb, Dark Havana, English
In Hand Show Slip / Bitless Bridle,
Oval Brass Buckles, Raised Nose and Brow Bands.
This is a beautifully made English In Hand Bitless Bridle that Oozes Quality. Brass Buckles are symetrical to both sides, No over fancy stitching, your horse or pony is what the judge wants to see! Simplicity and Quality to enhance the Beauty of your Pony or Cob.  
This Bridle/Show Slip is available in 3 sizes; Shetland- suit small As, Bs Partbreds, Pony- suit mature As, Bs and young Sec C. Cob - suit Sec Cs and yearling Ds, and Full Size - suit a mature Welsh Cob.